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home again

did we really do all that!

now, home again. our 'faithful friends' with 4 legs WERE pleased to see us and didnt bark at us, as were our faithful children who looked after everything so well!. thankyou so much to everyone who helped make it all possible!
now all we have to do to 'complete the picture' is put on the last of the photos so you can all see the rest of the journey. thanks for keeping track of us, rose and mike.

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hong kong

end of journey

well were at the finish line. guilin fabulous, all the adverts of the cormarant fishermen is true!!!
big hic cup with our tour on route (as well as a few others!!!!). will follow this up privately when we talk to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hong kong big, busy, and the bits we saw in 2 days, very modern!!! enjoyed it all!! by night its amazing!

long long flight home starting at 5.00 am!!! will get back home 30 hrs later -connecting flight via Beijing. beijing to london 10 1/2 hrs, and have to wait 4 hrs for bus home - another 4 hrs!!!!!!!!!! much rather be going than coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it has been a great adventure in every sense of the word! enjoyed it all and cant really believe we have done it ! but have the photos to prove it!

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hong kong

getting there!

had couple of blips with our tour, like no one to meet us at airport! oops!! but here we are in hong kong! must be even hotter here, someone forgot to switch off the heating outside! lazer lights at night along city skyline spectacular! will load more pictures later, no time as doing this in mac donalds and only get 15 mins on internet.

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if you have ever seen the hsbc advert with the birds they use for fishing you will know how beautiful guilin is.
beautiful / unusual limestone hills and the river li. what a combination. the birds they use to fish are so well trained they are like our springer dogs catching rabbits!
getting a bit tired now and thinking about home! its in the 90 s, 11 o clock at night, and we are only in our hotel room with the air conditioning on!, had fabulous time today walking through paddy fields, taking pictures of water buffalow and 'the locals'.

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amazing hills!

arrived on early flight from hangzhow to guilin. sun has finally broken through, so temp instantly rose to 100 ! too hot to explore on our only free afternoon on the whole trip!!!!! tried for a bit, but retreated to hotels air con!.
going to see fishermen with their trained fishing birds when it cools down a bit! and see guilin by night.
having lots of chinese food still! they say in guilin that as well as eating everything with 4 legs except tables and chairs, they eat everything that flies except airoplanes! and everything in the sea except boats! sounds right!
been to visit tea plantation (green tea), interesting but expensive to buy. stick to beer - cheaper than water!

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