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yet another day in beijing

day 2 of new tour

good companions on this new tour. had hectic day sightseeing (yet again!) temple of heaven , tienamen square, forbidden city, and (after lots of food!) an evening at the pekin opera.

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new tour of china

new group

left our haven in the backpackers this morning. seems a lifetime ago! time and reality are a world apart. it seems like each portion of beijing has been another city in another time, almost in another dimension! we have seen so much and met so many! how can this be?
we hailed a taxi, well laden with backpacks, day sacks and gifts- including some from the wonderful staff there- easy to flag a taxi, give them a written address (in chinese of course) and once he fights his way through the traffic, your there. it was only a 10 min ride and we could have walked without our luggage but there you go ! cost all of £1.20! this wonderful novotel has such huge rooms you could fit 6 beds in! but dont think we will share - did that on the train!. room was ready even though we arrived 10.30 am. had the usual trouble with connection to internet. seems the more you pay the less easy it is. (backpackers never any trouble.) 2 people came to our room to fix it, and turned out it was their wiring - same as other hotels along route!. fixed now no problem
our new group has 16 , only just met them , seem nice lot. michael has met one couple who are divers so he's ok.
spent the day luxuriating in bubble bath, now early night ready for sightseeing tomorow, others tired from flying out today. lucky they got in with all the cancellations from volcanic ash or we would have had a guided tour of china on our own (we flew out to st. petersburg 2 days before the big erruption!) wonder if we will all get back?

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donghuamen night market

what not to eat!

our visit to this area of beijing would not be complete without an entry about the night food market - yes food again!
i think the pictures will explain what sort of food they sell and yes michael really did eat the silk worms, as he said in our old devon words- now he could spin a yarn! oops! sorry!

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end of days in beijing

farewel backpackers

cant believe that our 8 days in the backpackers hostel have come to an end, and we join our new group tomorow.
yesterday we joined the 'sardines' in the metro again to visit the drum tower and bell tower. glad hot to be up there when they played them! -huge bell and drums.
today our adventure took us to a remote part of the wall. we traveled 110 kilometers n/e of beijing to the border of mongolia. most of the coach group walked 10 kilometers along the top. we opted to take a leisurly stroll along approx 2 kilometers. this 'leisurly stroll' took us up approx 1,500 meters in an open cable car, another 200 meters in what can only be described as a ride from a disney theme park! (picture to come) and a final climb up 300 meters to a lower part of the wall. once there we negotiated between local salesmen!!!!!!!! and quantities of rough uneven steps. some stonework had dissapeared completely and iron ladders were errected. most of the side walls were missing, leaving one on a platform high up in the middle of the mountains with nowhere to go except along the wall. challanging but beautiful. the wind had got up while we walked (sorry, mountainered!) and a little notice appeared to say the cable car had stopped because of the wind. so we walked down! it was worth it because of the views
forgot to say, we are still having lovely chinese food and lots of beer!! -had a really good one the other night , a continous belt of fresh uncooked bowls of food came along in front of you. which you picked out whatever you wanted and cooked it in a little 'cooker' of your own, all you can eat at a pace you can cope with!.

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another day in beijing

still on our own with severel million others!

still on our own with severel million others! how many chinese can you fit into a metro carriage? 2 english and a hundred chinese! traveled the metro again today. its saturday and everyone with a child (only allowed 1 child per couple, if not loose job and everything else if produce any more) is out for the day- and we picked a day at the zoo!
just follow the push chairs and we found it! not a recomended place to spend the day. most animals looked fed, but came away wishing we had never went. small cages, restricted areas for excercise, so many unhappy animals. a few new areas are developed, but hope more happens very soon. it covers a huge area so there is plenty of room for improvment. ( opened in 1906, still same cages? )
have something really nice to think about now while we sip our beer at the hostel bar - a dumpling party! talking to interesting like minded travelers from all over the world. good place to be.

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