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the ger

yes, the ger was a good experience. we were transported about 2 hrs out from ulaam baater into the national park. the temp was predicted to drop to - 13, but only droped to - 9 !. we were snug and warm inside the ger (sleeps 3) a wood burner kept us warm. a lady came in every 3 hrs to put wood in - even through the night!. sometimes we were too warm -go outside to cool off!. the only problem was the toilet/shower block was frozen up for the winter. instead we used a local mongolian one, if you saw the film 'slumdog millionaire' you will know what it was like!.
another local family in their ger invited us for tea which was very milky and salty, some local home cooked food was provided as well. we had heard about mongolian babies being born with a large blue mark on their bottoms, the family had a young baby so were treated to a viewing!. ye3s we enjoyed our ger!

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the train again - into mongolia

leaving irkutz were on the train for another night, getting used to it now - more pot noodles fpr everyone! and goodies bought from the stations. local ladies sell food and drinks and even basketware etcmore nice dumplings!
in ullaam baatar we settle into another hotel, this one is a little out from the center and taxi's are needed.(very cheap) an experience in its self!. there doesnt appear to be any rules, at one moment being stuck in traffic for ages there were cars turning around, cutting accross both ways going against the flow, it looked like a scrap yard without an dents! stalemate. we got out and left them to it!

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lake baikal

tran siberian train

4 of us had voluntered to have a sauna in the neighbours garden!. had to transverse a lot of mud to get to it, wondered why they provided all those shoes to go out in! sauna was too hot for me even in those minus temps. had to sit outside for a bit! the men survived it though. heat was created by log fires- very intense. sprinkled water made it hotter! started snowing when we got back, had snowball fight on balcony in guest house! big kids really! woke up to lots of snow everywhere, thought might get stranded, but guide turned up on time with our bus and off we went to catch the train, no problems, no gritting or salt on roads either!. speed as normal!. no worries!

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arrived in beijing

overcast 90 °F

we have arrived in beijing and are back on wi fi . had quite a lot of problems in the hotels accross russia and mongolia trying to connect to the internet, dont think they are ready for this!. we are in a backpackers hostel in a houtong near to the forbiden city and tianamen square. we have 8 days to catch up on all our blogs, so hope our memory is good of all those amazing adventures! watch this space! few more photos to look at.

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updating rose and mikes great adventure

trying to remember

Tryng to remember all the exciting things we have done, and all those funny occasions that have hapened!.
Remember in Moscow trying to read a menu which also had translations into English, but think Russia is a nbit behind with the tourist trade- what do you think 'wild language' would be if you ordered it?
It was tongue! we didnt order it, we played safe with Borch soup (beetroot) and Strogonoff, all good!
Red square in Moscow was smaller than we though it would be, and part of it on a hill. They were working on the centre of it so walked all around it. Inside the Kremlin was one of the most interesting places we had visited, seeing all the stete treasures, and as a bonus we were entertained by an Army band performing in tne kremlin square with a 'new routine' It was fantastic, resembling a performance more akin to 'The Full Monty' (hope you saw the film)
The main square in St. Petersburg was huge in comparison, and the army were practicing for Victory day celebrations with goose stepping and bands playing (not the full monty!).

On our first 4 days/ 4 nights of the train journey we taught our group our usual game for such occasions. We demolished a bottle of Champagne (provided by our wonderful Mongolian guide) She even made us cheese and crackers!. This was to celebrate crossing the line from Europe into Asia. It was still another 5 days before we actually arrived in Mongolia, but Eastern Russia is classed as Asia, the rest being Eastern Europe.

We have had dry sunny weather the whole trip so far, The rivers in St petersburg full of Ice flows. On the Train through Siberia we woke up to snow, which continued through to Irkust. On arrival at Lake Baikal the snow had gone but where the river flows from the lake there was a solid line of ice because of the frozen lake.
Our group hired a Hovercraft for an hour, where we went speeding over the frozen lake, going off over thr frozen edge of the lake into the river. Got out to take pictures of us with the white mountains in the distance, then whizzed back to town doind spins to make you dizzy!! glad we hadn't eaten luch before that!. Yes as you can guess we rounded it off with more dumplings, local dried fish from the lake (they were ice fishing!) and fresh bread from the market. All washed down of course with the local Russian beer ! (Vodka comes later!)

all for now, must dash again to get a taxi back to hotel, just to get ready for yet another meal !

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