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just a very quick entry, as off to ger camp in 5 mins. finding internet access difficult as we travel accross countries, will catch up later. its snowing and predicted to be minus 12 at camp!

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rose and mikes great adventure the train

trans siberian railway

well its a few days since we managed to write a blog. After leaving Moscow on the train we had no wi fi or internet access, so will have to catch up as we are able.
Moscow was marvelous, far exceded our expectations. loved the metros an absolute must if you ever go to moscow. each one unique, some like a palace , some like art galleries, will ad photo later as we are waiting for that train again!.
On train for 4 nights and 4 days, time went very quickly. Lots of stops to get out and buy 'yummy' food from the locals, dried fish (nice smell in our 4 berth cabin!) fresh bread, and dumplings, also lovely savoury doughnut type food with fillings of either meat, cabbage or potato. Funny enough the cabbage was the best!. and lots of beer to wash it down!. Plenty of boiling water for drinks in each carriage produced from a coal heated 'samovar' We had a very helpful lady looking after us in our bit, making sure we all got back on the train in time ( the night shift one was a bit miserable) Our companions in our group have all jelled together and having lots of laughs all the time.
will have to stop now as getting next train to mongolis soon.
will catch up with Siberia and Lake Baikal soon.

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trans siberian train

getting used to the russian language. love moscow. metro stations should look like this the whole world over! will put photos on later. bit busy at moment eating and drinking and exploring. get train late tomoprow and will be on it for 4 nights, so have to go shopping for goodies to eat and drink!

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from russia with love


Overnight train from St. Petersburg left at 12.30, fun sharing compartment with 2 others with our group, didnt get much sleep - lots of laughing! Arrived Moscow 9.00 am this morning and did a tour of the city straight away. Red square is all we thought it would be. Doing tour of Kremlin tomorow.

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rose and mikes great adventure day 3

trans siberian railway and great tour of china.

hi! another great day, photos to follow. its actually 1 in the morning and gettining a little tired 1 but want to blog this a s leaving tomorrow on the overnight exprss to moscow and wont get a chance to blog then. Today we did a city tour , severel great meals, and a visit to the 'hermitage' theatre to see a balet- the Nutcracker suit' Underground quite an experience- friend told us how deep it goes - make thoe riding on the elevators look as though they are all leaning backwards1 , takes at least 5 mins. to travel down or up on one ! (saw the baby bear today again being fed with a bottle.) will catch up later

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