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shanghai and suzhou.

sorry to leave cruise ship

so sorry to leave cruise ship. they really looked after us, food was good too ! (havent mentioned food for a while!)
shanghai, back to earth with a bump. 22 million people here! so many bicycles you wouldnt believe it!.
seeing so much, a job to remember it all, so will put a few more photos on.

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yangtze cruise

other visits

on route in our cruise ship, we visited lots of places, among them some budist temples. have included a few interesting photos, hoping they will come out ok, as we seem to have 'lost ' the images this end on the blog, so if they turn out sideways, sorry!!!!!

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the yangtze cruise

enjoying ourselves!

really loved the yangtze river. the dam is completed, but gorges still beautiful. river has risen 60 meters, a lot of water!. trip in local small boats one of the highlights - see photos -
along with that we had a 'pirates lunch' those who dressed for the occasion were rewarded with a prize! (i got one). the top 3 were judged - michael was among them but he didnt get to be top pirate!.
dam is well over 1 mile long, not very spectacular to look at, but a feat of modern engineering. staying up untill 2 in the morning we watched how they got 6 large cruise ships and cargo boats into the first lock. we gently floated down 10 meters, then shunted into the next one where the process was repeated. there were 5 locks untill finally we arrived into the river again.

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better late than never!

sorry, havent been able to put in new entries - had hectic time traveling -very busy and not always able to connect to inernet.
best time of our lives visiting terrecotta warriors at xian (pronounced she-an), lived up to all expectations and beyond! 360 degree film screen to introduce it, then straight to huge undercover 'airport size building' where dig is taking place . and more besides. well worth a visit.
flying to chonqing became quite a shock to the system. this city can only be described as something from a science fiction film - of the worst sort. 32 million (i think!) all in termite type sky scrapers, so glad to get onto the boat for the yangze river cruise.

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last day in beijing

at last?

now getting established with new group, went to wall (again!) today -to badaling- was still amazing even though we have seen the wall from 3 different places- you can never tire of it- and enjoyed another pekin duck meal (very nice!)
tomorow we fly to xian to see terracotta warriors.
ps. knowlede is knowing a tomoto is a fruit - wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad !!!!!!!!!!
apart from that chinese eat anything with 4 legs - except from tables and chairs!!!!!!!!!!!

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